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the greetings

Welcome to the journal of achieanon! This is a place of escape, a home for random thoughts, and a common meeting place for many friends.

This is a friends only journal, but please do not hesitate to add me! I absolutely love making friends, meeting new people, and (of course) talking. :D Just be warned: There are some very personal thoughts and feelings in here, some of which may contain harsh language and extreme feelings (anger, excitement, sadness, ect).

the brief

♪ Name: Ashley
♪ Pseudonyms: Ashe | Ari | AchieAnon
♪ Age: 19 going on 30
♪ Occupation: Student | Cashier | Performer
♪ Currently in her 3rd year of college (started at age 16)
♪ Co-founder of Libera Edge
♪ Aerial Performer in Training
♪ Frequently found singing and dancing
♪ Easily excited busybody

the loves & hates

♥ Traveling, performing, anime, colorful things (my bedroom is blue and purple with lime green pillows), Disney World, cosplay, SeraMyu, video games, my Grandma, aerial and jazz dance, Japanese, my friends, musicals, planning vacations, corgis (Pembrokes! I ♥ my Remy), ice skating, Cirque du Soleil, doing things in general :)

Unnecessary drama, discrimination and closed minded people, guilt trips, disorganization, cleaning (well, sometimes), not having a place to put things, being indecisive (though I'm working on being less so!).

the other fandoms

Music: Kalafina, Yuki Kajiura, ALI PROJECT, SNSD, SeraMyu yes, again, Steve Conte, Creed, Metric, Josh Groban, and many others I can’t think of…
Anime: .hack//SIGN, CANAAN, Macross Frontier, Princess Tutu, Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gilgamesh, Ergo Proxy, and again many others.
Video Games: Tales of Series (Symphonia, Abyss, and Vesperia in particular), .hack//G.U., Pokemon, Final Fantasy XIII, Persona 3 and 4, Legend of Dragoon, Professor Layton
TV Series: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Good Eats, Will & Grace
Musicals: The Producers, The Phantom of the Opera, Legally Blonde, Les Miserables, Anastasia, Avenue Q, Wicked

the rest

my other networking sites

johnnyhunter @ plurk (I'm ALWAYS on plurk)
achieanon @ twitter
liberaedge @ twitter
Libera Edge Fan Page @ facebook
johnnyhunter @ formspring

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